Zoomarine - Marine Park and Dolphinarium

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Adult £188
Child £188 (4 - 10 yrs)

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General Information:

In order to take part in any of the experiences you must:

* Be six years old or older

* Children of 6+ years may only take part if accompanied by another paid participant aged 16 years old or older.

* Know how to swim and be in good physical shape

 * Each Spectator will need to purchase a specific ticket to be able to accompany the Dolphin Emotions participant.

* Entrance to Zoomarine theme park is included in the Dolpin Emotions participants ticket and the accompanying Spectators ticket on the day of the experience.

*Appropriate clothing for this experience is also included in the price.

* Children under 1 meter of height may attend for free as spectators wishing to accompany the Dolphin Emotions participant.

* The Spectators will watch from a location adjacent to the pool where the session takes place.

* Spectators will NOT have access to the Dolphins.

* Zoomarine reserves the right to use the participant’s images of the Dolphin Emotions. The captured images will be used exclusively in a video/dvd/photo production to be commercialised to those participants.

* In the event of non - attendance by a participant (arriving late or any other reason) the full amount will be charged and NO refunds will be possible.

* Should Zoomarine be obliged to terminate the experience , due to climatic, technical or zoological reasons, we reserve the right to postpone the session or transfer it to another date. If the participant is unavailable at the new time, he or she will be reimbursed.

For safety reasons the following people cannot participate in any of the experiences:

Pregnant women, people with strong physical or mental disabilities (as this may limit the capacity to fully understand instructions and/ or perform the aquatic activities), people with skin disorders, people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, people with hydrophobia, people with any other condition which may compromise participants or dolphins’ well-being.

To make your visit to the park as convenient as possible, various services and facilities are available including:

  • Wheelchairs - subject to availability. (Please request upon booking.)
  • First - Aid
  • Baby Changing Rooms
  • Free Car Park
  • Lost & Found
  • Public Phones
  • Sunshades and Lounger rental ( by pool area)
  • Kiddy Cars Rental
  • Safes & Lockers
  • Photo Lab
  • Cash Machine
  • Souvenir Shops
  • Selection of Restaurants/ snacks bars
  • Transport Services from different areas in Algarve to Zoomarine. Please check schedules and pick-up times.

A fascinating and educational journey to the time when these giants roamed planet Earth, millions of years ago!

Led by an explorer, visitors discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs recreated through a forest full of sound and visual effects.

A new aquatic fun area, where you will find a wave pool surrounded by white sand, water slides, swimming pools and an aquatic playground.

A magnificent epic and fantasy scenario, gives place to an extraordinary performance of heroes with sword and eye patch, full of perils and stunts, that will certainly enchant all visitors, big and small.

Discover some of the key scientific and conservation projects designed and/or suported by Zoomarine.

We believe that our future is deeply related with the increasing awareness to preserve and protect our planet.
A homage of the effort, commitment and importance of some institutions associated with these projects.

A giant walkthrough habitat with some of the most amazing species of this exotic continent!

The graceful flight and the beauty of birds of prey. In this presentation we can admire one of the fastest species in nature. An extraordinary exhibition, where hawks, eagles and owls show powerful and agile flight in a rare moment of beauty and emotion

Beauty, tenderness, speed and energy.
A dream and fantasy representation to enact funny amazing and acrobatic behaviors, only possible due to the trust and everlasting relationship between the Zoomarine trainers and these magnificent ambassadors of the oceans.

Macaws, cockatoos and parrots show color, sounds and other secrets of our magic forest. The environmental awareness and the need to protect habitats and species, with particular emphasis on rainforests, is the major aim of this area.

An educational tour to the amazing underwater world. A pedagogical area with more than 20 ecosystems, distributed according to the central theme.

Latest generation of digital animation
This film portrays a sea turtle's journey throughout the vast ocean and the challenges these species face in their lifetime.

The pirate ship and the tropical island are part of a wonderful scenario for an unforgettable adventure in an imaginary world full of fun.

A dream world choreography alluding to family situations for all spectators, culminating with an engaging and stimulating happy ending. It aims to change behaviors towards greater environmental protection.

Enjoy a fascinating, entertaining and educational day out at Zoomarine Park in the Algarve.

Bring your family and enjoy a wonderful day watching dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, exotic birds, seabirds, alligators and tropical fish.

Zoo marine is characterized by exhibitions and shows of an exceptionally high standard making it unique in Portugal.

In a tranquil setting offset by lakes and gardens Zoo marine has created the right environment to reveal the "secrets of the sea". The park has all the required amenities you need for a happy family day outing such as restaurants, shops, amusements and swimming pools.

DOLPHINARIUM - Dolphin Emotions  Experiences. A truly life Changing Experience!

Dive into a vast lagoon, surrounded by a mantle of fine sand, dotted with vegetation. A slice of paradise, with the potential to interact with Dolphins and provide unique experiences that will certainly change your life.

The Zoomarine philosophy is based on conservation and environmental education. In addition, we strongly believe that observing different species and learning directly from them will gradually and inevitably increase public appreciation of wildlife and concern over the significant environmental problems that pose serious threats to life on our planet.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION ZOOMARINE: Please note that although children's prices are from 4 years of age, ALL children under 1 meter in height will enter the park for FREE. All children taller than 1 meter, regardless of their age, and up to 10 years of age will have to pay a child price. For children 11 years or older, adult prices will apply.

Please note:

  • We will endeavour to book your chosen day. If this is not available, a day as close as possible to your original preferred day will be picked for you. Should this not be acceptable a full refund will be made.
  • The itinerary and inclusions of any ticket which features animals is subject to change without notice. We cannot offer any refunds when any such changes are made as these are beyond our control.