Herculaneum and Vesuvius Full Day Tour

Herculaneum and Vesuvius Full Day Tour

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This is the perfect tour for combining two great historical sites. On this tour you will be able to learn about the History of Herculaneum and see the magnificent excavation site. You will also climb Mount Vesuvius and enjoy a spectacular panoramic view.

On the highway to Herculaneum you will pass through Castellammare di Stabia, here you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous costal road. Along with Pompeii, Herculaneum was destroyed in 79 AD and then rediscovered in 1709.

Herculaneum was a residential town, surrounded by the villas of the wealthy Romans. When the catastrophe of 79 AD occurred, Herculaneum was covered by a thick blanket of mud and lava which hardened, preserving many of the timber features and household objects which can be seen today.

Next you will head to Mount Vesuvius, the great volcano which dominates the Bay of Naples. It is also the only active volcano on the mainland of Europe. Its slopes were once covered with vineyards and woods, which provided the perfect backdrop for the bustling town below.

The coach will drop you off within 1.000 metres of the top of Vesuvius; from here you can walk to the very top and admire the astonishing panoramic views across the bay.

From the blackened crater rises a single plume of smoke, a reminder that the volcano is only sleeping for now...

Please Note: Due to renovation work, occasionally certain areas of Herculaneum are closed to the public. The guide will inform you of the exact itinerary during the tour.