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Set in some of Florida’s finest countryside within easy reach of the major theme parks, Mucky Ducks are 6 and 8 wheeled self-drive amphibious vehicles seating up to 4 people. You will travel around 240 acres of the Revolution woodlands, sand trails and of course splash in to lakes and swamp areas. Suitable for families and groups who want to experience off road fun this is a perfect place to do it!

You must be over 18 to drive a Mucky Duck but passengers can be 4 years old and over. This is a family friendly environment but children must be able to sit unaided.

An expert guide in his own vehicle will get you up-close to everything as you make your way over land and water and point out the many species of animals and wildlife along the way.

The entire experience will take around one and a quarter hours, beginning with a safety briefing in the specially designed training areas to ensure that you have the technique of driving one of these machines under your belt before you launch on to the trails.

All safety equipment including helmets and life vests are available to wear during this adventure.

Why is it called “Mucky Ducks”? Because this adventure is not set on rails as it goes through the natural terrains of the property and there are some areas which will be very Mucky indeed. Visitors should be prepared to get dirty!