Whales of Iceland

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Don’t miss the biggest whale exhibition of its kind in the world!

Whales of Iceland features life-size models of the 23 different whale species found in Icelandic waters, from one of the world’s smallest marine mammals - the harbour porpoise - to the largest animal to ever have existed - the gigantic blue whale.

The models are all hand-painted and each one has a personal characteristic that resembles a real whale in the ocean. They are also soft, squishy and fun to touch!

This dreamy adventure is perfect for kids and nature-lovers alike. Learn all about Iceland’s most popular ocean friends with interactive experiences and videos, while surrounded by soothing whale sounds, ambient underwater lighting and a beach-like floor.

Take a virtual trip into the whales’ habitat!

Put on the Icelandic-designed virtual reality glasses and find yourself on the ocean floor, surrounded by all the giants of the ocean in a spectacular VR experience.

You can even draw the biggest whales to you and learn some fascinating facts about them along the way.