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Wave Palace!

One of the attractions at Siam Park is the Wave Palace, complete with white sand beach.
The waves in this beautifully themed pool reach an incredible 3 metres high, making it the highest wave pool in Europe.

River Sawasdee !

As the longest river ride in the world, River Sawasdee is the perfect way to enjoy a lazy afternoon drifting downstream, admiring the stunning scenery as you pass.

Tower of Power!

If you prefer something more energetic, how about Siam Park's terrifying Tower of Power, which includes an incredible 28 metre drop with a special sting-in-the-tail finale!

The Jungle Snakes!

Take your pick from one of the four entwined snakes that will take you through a jungle of adventure.
Enjoy the thrill of speed with the warm wind blowing past your face as you slip and slide down the Jungle Snake into the splash pool finale!

Each slide is different and gives the riders a unique view of the Park.

The Volcano

Spin round in an enormous crater as if caught in the flow of lava!
Four riders sit facing each other in this high energy ride that's perfect for thrill seekers.

As the lights fade, the ride speeds up and you will enter the mighty volcano, spinning around in the darkness that adds to the excitement and mystery until you move through the centre to the landing pool.

The Giant!

Enjoy the thrill of the ride with your family and friends on one of Siam Parks most popular rides ‘The Giant’

The exquisite image of the ‘Temple Guardian’ will transport you into a world of adventure and mystery as you ride round and experience the force of gravity in a powerful twin cyclone.

Mekong Rapids!

The Mekong Rapids have been designed to create excitement and laughter for family and friends who want the thrills without too much of an adrenalin rush.

When you ride the Mekong Rapids you find yourself careering through the rushing waters in family sized rafts. Be prepared to get wet, even before you reach the splash pool below!

The Dragon!

This one-of-a-kind thrill seekers ride begins in the tunnel and a full 45° drop which will see you and your companions accelerating into the gigantic funnel at high speed.
You are then propelled high up on to the opposite side of the Dragon for a truly zero-gravity experience.

Naga Racer

Challenge your family and friends to a race on the Naga snakes!

The Naga Racer comprises of six crazy lanes of running water waiting to whisk you down the hillside head first.
So grab a mat and hold on tight.

Sawasdee Childrens Zone

This new childrens area brings smaller versions of the adult rides to the Park's younger visitors.

The Sawasdee zone will appeal to families and children who want to share all the fun and excitement of the adult slides.

A jungle of emotion with 4 different slides, 2 of them specially designed for racing and to test the skill and dexterity of the children, a mini water slide track for up to 4 children at a time and a smaller replica of the Dragon, one of the most popular attractions in the park.

Lost City

Lost City at Siam Park consists of water towers, waterfalls, bridges and nets, water games, slides and a host of fun things to keep them happily splashing around for hours.

And in the meantime, you can take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the sunshine, free sunbeds and parasols amid this most beautiful oriental setting.

NEW!!!!! Due to open this Summer an exciting new ride - the only one of it's kind in the World....... Watch this space!!!!

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Siam Park – heralding a record breaking new era in water park history!

Set amongst nearly 18 hectares of lush tropical greenery in the south of Tenerife, Siam Park is themed on the ancient kingdom of Thailand.

It includes the largest Thai village outside of Thailand, a surf school, incredible water rides, bars, restaurants and many family friendly heated-water attractions including a traditional Thai style floating market.

Following the success of past events, Siam Park reopens its doors at night so that visitors can experience the most exciting adventure of the summer. Siam Park will be open every Friday and Saturday in July and August! Visitors will be able to enjoy all the attractions and services of the park from 20.00 to 24.00h!

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  • You are not permitted to take your own food and beverage into Siam Park. You may take your own food into Loro Parque, and are welcome to use the picnic areas.

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Due to public construction works from 3rd to 18th of June, the free Express Train routes at Loro Parque may be affected and will be subject to change.

The parks reserve the right to change prices / discounts at any given time and due to routine maintenance to close attractions for a period of time. In any case notification of such events will be communicated at the ticket office. 

Both Siam Park and Loro Parque reserve the right to close rides without prior notice. In this instance no partial refunds will be provided.

Please Note: weight restrictions do apply on certain attractions within the park. Please check locally for more detailed information.

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